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Do you wish to start a career as an Open Source professional?

Join the Living Open Source community by connecting with us via the online platforms where we are active and join our events that we organize to share knowledge, experiences and to meet like-minded people in real-life.

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Join the ITGilde Living Open Source LinkedIn Group to meet and connect with other Linux professionals in the Linux Open Source Community and to stay informed about events.

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If Slack is your preferred platform of connecting join our Zambia Open Source ZM Slack Workspace.

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Our events are not always exclusive to members and providence accessible and valuable meetings with our Living Open Source network.

Fast-track training for certification (in the evenings)

Especially for members and prospective members Living Open Source Organizes technical training courses in the evenings so there is no loss of revenue. Another big advantage Is that the only training That substance treats where interaction is useful or Necessary to the trainer. See here our training . And please contact us if your workout is not listed.


Our shorts offer the opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere with Living Open Source members and other UNIX and Linux swap interested mind. A great way to encounter colleagues from previous jobs again and reminiscing and obviously talking about technical and organizational aspects of work in IT.

Interactive information sessions

Regularly we organize interactive information sessions where vendors showcase new and interesting issues and questions constructive feedback (and get) from users like you. These are very valuable session Showed That both suppliers and members ITGilde a lot of wiser.


Workshops to learn new skills. Beautiful new products are explained by knowledge-gurus. Not only vendors or trainers but mainly using examples from the market and the workstations are shared. Hands-on! In the training room at Living Open Source or other appropriateness environment.


Open Source professionals connected to the ITGilde network share their expertise in Tech-Talks organized in The Netherlands which you can attend via live stream. Also recordings of the sessions are available like

Alessandro Vozza about Open Source and Microsoft
Sander van VUgt about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta 1 Overview

Join the Meetup group ITGilde Cooperatie Amsterdam Unix Linux Meetups to never miss an event.

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