Kenya 2nd Open Source Event December 18th-20th, 2019 – Mombasa: Ended

International best-selling author Sander van Vugt and The Technical University Of Mombasa will work together to host the 2nd Open Source Event in Kenya Mombasa city, December 18th -20th, 2019 at the venue The Technical University Of Mombasa campus Mombasa Kenya. ITGilde (Pieter Izeboud ), Living Open Source Foundation Kenya Robert will join the event to enable local Kenyans open source and devops professionals to work with the ITGilde and Living Open Source Foundation international customer network.

Become LFCS Certified

Thanks to the sponsoring of Linux Foundation, exam vouchers will be provided which allow you to take the Linux Foundation Certified Systems Admin exam for free and Pearson IT Certification, 200 training materials vouchers will be provided to the participants. Notice that participating in Sanders on-site LFCS sessions is mandatory to qualify for an LFCS exam voucher.


You can attend the Kenya Open Source Event for free! However, if you can afford to pay, you may make a voluntary donation. The voluntary donations will be used to help promising talent from the Kenya Open Source Community to get certified and build a future as an Open Source professional

Register here:

Required course hardware

To participate in the LFCS course, you need to bring your own hardware, capable of running CentOS 7.5 either on physical hardware, or on a virtual machine. If you do not own a laptop and need help getting a laptop that can run CentOS 7.5, let us know we might be able to organize a laptop for you.


If you are a local Open Source specialist and want to present at this event, please send your proposal to We do accept sessions with a duration of 50 minutes. In your proposal, make sure to include the following:

  • Session title
  • Session summary (3 lines)
  • Target audience
  • Longer session description
  • Explain in one line what the participant will get out of this session

About Sander van Vugt: Sander van Vugt is a best-selling author about Open Source Software. Sander is known from titles such as his RHCSA/RHCE 7 Cert Guide, and Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator with virtual machines video course. Sander is also a trainer, teaching on-site and online courses for customers around the world.

About ITGilde: ITGilde is a young and fast growing company that has applied the open source development model to its business. ITGilde provides managed services, training and consultancy to customers around the world, with a focus on Open Source and Devops. ITGilde is looking to expand its network of independent Open Source and Devops contractors around the world.

About Linux Foundation: Linux Foundation is an independent organization that was created to foster the growth of Linux. As such, Linux Foundation hosts different projects that are working on development of new open source solutions.

About Living Open Source Foundation:

The mission of the Living Open Source Foundation is to stimulate the growth of local economies by enabling people to develop themselves as experts in the area of Open Source Software. Open Source Software is free to use, access, modify and contribute to anyone. Open Source software does not discriminate against any race, religion or gender and Open Source software is not for the benefit of Fortune 500 Shareholders. Open Source software is for the benefit of humanity. Local economies can flourish because of Open Source Software and individuals can flourish because of Open Source Software as it is free for anyone to use.
Key is to educate people : The Living Open Source Foundation has the mission to educate people, with a focus on individuals and regions that haven’t had their chance to claim their role in the worldwide economy. We are providing training, free of charge for individuals who cannot afford it, and always at a charge that is affordable according to the standards of living in their region