Zambia Open Source Event 16-18 July : Ended

Living Open Source Foundation stimulates the growth of local economies by enabling people to develop themselves as experts in the area of Open Source Software. Open Source software is free to use, access, modify and contribute to anyone. Open Source software does not discriminate against any race, religion or gender and Open Source software is not for the benefit of Fortune 500 Shareholders. Open Source software is for the benefit of humanity. Local economies can flourish because of Open Source software and individuals can flourish because of Open Source software as it is free for anyone to use.

After the successful first Zambia Linux Event in December 2018, we are proud to announce a follow up event taking place from 16-18 July at the University of Zambia, venue: Population Studies Lecture Theatre, Great East Road Campus. The event will be an opportunity to deepen your Linux skills and to connect with like-minded professionals.

During 3 days you have the opportunity to attend training sessions with the following topics:

  • Linux Fundamentals: This session is for people that are starting with Linux
  • Ansible Fundamentals: Ansible is a radically simple IT automation engine that automates cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and many other IT needs.
  • Working with Containers and Kubernetes
  • Linux System Administration
  • Linux performance optimization
  • Exam preparations towards the Linux Foundation Certified Systems Admin Certification
  • Expanding your knowledge in several areas Linux in our ‘Train the Trainer’ program.

Your investment for this 3-day educational event is $150. During this event you will receive education in various areas.
If you cannot find the funds, you can qualify for free attendance. Free attendance is available for students, unemployed, self-employed, or any other good reason you mention for free attendance.

Please do realize that paying participants allow us to organize the Living Open Source events. Your participation fee is necessary for this movement!

To Register click on the link:

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Sponsor this event

We are looking for companies and organizations that support our mission to foster the growth and use of the Open Source Software in Zambia. Sponsoring this event in any kind of way will make it possible for talented people to start a career or business in Open Source. Contact us to discover opportunities to contribute:

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