First Living Open Source Knowledge Center opened in Lusaka

Living Open Source Knowledge Centre Zambia

On December 17th the Living Open Source (LOS) Foundation reached a new important milestone by opening the doors of it’s very first Knowledge Center in Zambia.

The Living Open Source Foundation Regional Knowledge Center Southern Africa will provide training to local talent and is the one-stop shop for all companies that require knowledge about Open Source projects.

After 3 successful events in Zambia, the Living Open Source knowledge center now does have local trainers available, and is helped by the international expertise of ITGilde who is representing Linux Foundation Training throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia.

The knowledge center has a training room, equipped with a beamer to follow online classes. The first online training session is already planned for the first week of January.

Mission LOS Zambia accomplished

The Living Open Source foundation’s approach for completing its’ mission to stimulate the growth of local economies consists of 3 steps.

The first step is organizing an on-site event where as many people that are interested to participate are gathered. Goal of the event is to educate people in the basics of open source and to establish a local community that organizes meetup events to continue the efforts of the Living Open Source Foundation.

The second step is about consolidation. The education of participants continues, this time to become a Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin. This event is for experienced participants only, or participants that have attended the first event. The foundation enables people to become certified in the Linux operating system, and organizes a local train-the-trainer event so that local trainers will become available to further continue education in the different countries.

Once a sufficient amount of local talent has been certified and trained, a local Living Open Source Knowledge center can be created. This is the third step. The purpose of the local knowledge center is to continue the education at a price that is affordable for inhabitants of the country.

Living Open Source Foundation Regional Knowledge Center Southern Africa is supporting all African countries.

Run by local ambassadors

Once the Living Open Source knowledge center has become operational, the Living Open Source Foundation has local ambassadors who can reach out to local enterprises, governments and non-profit organizations and further foster the growth of Open Source Software.

This is the final stage, where we have open sourced a country, and ensured that local talent is available in the local economies, so that governments and companies can be liberated from proprietary software.

Living Open Source Foundation Regional Knowledge Centre Southern Africa
Plot #6056 Sibweni Rd. Norhmead No. 24, Lusaka