“Getting 10 Women out of the Factory”

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We have good news to share about our latest project “Getting 10 Women out of the Factory”. It was initiated by the Living Open Source Foundation. We want to make a change by offering a year long traineeship to 10 women who are struggling to make a living in different African countries and other countries around the world. And we need your help in finding potential participants and providing support in the community.

How did the project start?

During our past events in Africa, we met many people with different experiences. When we were in Kenya, we came across a young woman who’s making T-shirts in the factory, 6 days a week, from 6 AM until 6 PM. And she needs to work overtime on a regular basis if she hasn’t reached her production goals. All of this for $ 80 a month. $ 80 a month even in Kenya is not enough to have a decent life.

This is not the only sad story about women struggling to make a life in different African countries and other countries around the world. Numerous women spend so much time on work that they don’t even have time to be with their kids – how are you ever going to do that if you spend 70 or more hours a week working in a miserable situation. We want to change that.

How does the project work?

The initial project starts in the summer of 2020 and will focus on African countries. We will pay 10 women a salary of $ 100 per month for the period of a year so that they can get out of the miserable situation immediately and start studying to become a professional in open source. Apart from the salary, we will provide education, as a combination of on-line and on-site training. Through our network of companies that are affiliated with Living Open Source Foundation, we will also offer these women an internship at the end of the one-year period, so that they can build working experience and after their year of education, get started in a real job environment. Throughout the program, there will be milestones to measure participants’ progress and motivation.

What exactly are these women going to learn?

Apart from the social skills to be able to work in an IT service environment, the following
Some of topics on the program:

  • Linux operating system fundamentals
  • Python scripting basics
  • Working with containers and Kubernetes-
  • Ansible Fundamentals

How can you help us with it?

Motivated women wanted.

We need your help to recommend potential women who are motivated and currently in this situation. If you know anyone who meets the requirements, please email us: We expect the participants to have good English proficiency, currently in a miserable situation, and are 100% motivated. Motivation is the key!

After the recommendation, candidates will have an interview before being approved. But don’t worry, we just want to hear your story and to see if you are truly motivated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mobile Contacts: +260 97 6202248, +260 96 3542263

The Living Open Source Team

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