Open source software is completely free to use. Linux is an open source based operating system that is currently the foundation of the Internet and is used by many companies and organizations world-wide.

The need for qualified open source professionals is real. This introduction training is ideal to learn Linux administration fundamentals.

In this 3 days online training is led by best-selling author Sander van Vugt.


This training is for people completely new to the Linux operating system and who want to acquire basic Linux knowledge.


  • None.


This training is not preparing you for any certification but will help  you better understanding of the material when you decide to continue your open source journey and become certified as LFCS, RHCSA or LPIC-1. 


Day 1

  • Linux is an operating system. But what is an operating system?
  • Linux is open source. But what is open source?
  • Why is learning Linux good for my career?
  • Linux is often seen on servers
  • Installing Linux on a physical computer
  • Installing Linux in a virtual machine

Day 2

  • Exploring the Linux graphical interface
  • Why knowing the Linux command line is essential
  • Getting started on the Linux command line
  • Understanding root, sudo and ordinary users
  • Why working with files is important

Day 3

  • Editing Text Files
  • Working with processes
  • An introduction to users, groups and permissions
  • Managing software packages
  • Managing networksettings

 Notice that the program is subject to change, participants are advised to attend all of the 3 days of training.


To register for this training, make a donation with a suggested minimum of € 50 to the Living Open Source Foundation.

After making your donation you’ll get a registration link to register for this unique training, where you will be in class together with 40 members from the Living Open Source community from different African countries.

For this training, 10 sponsored seats are available.

The proceeds from all registrations are 100% beneficial to the Living Open Source Foundation.


Register here :

OR: Make your donation to the Living Open Source Foundation and send us an email afterwards to confirm your participation in the training.

This is important as you can also donate without attending the training 😉

  • Bank account number: NL63 RABO 0341 2923 54, Name: Stichting Living Open Source
  • Paypal:

To give you an idea of what the foundation can do with your contribution:

  • For 25 Euro we can provide lunch for 2 participants during one of our events.
  • For 100 Euro we can organize a transport from a remote village with 6 participants who can come to the event this way.
  • For 300 Euro we can fly in a talented local trainer to an event somewhere in Africa


  • Training type: Instructor-led, on-site.
  • Duration: 3 days.
  • Training dates: February 17, 20 and 21 from 4 – 7 PM CET, 2020.
  • Location: Online.
  • Language: English.
  • Skill level: Beginner.

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