Living open source Zambia – sowing seeds of community

Living Open Source is a new non-profit initiative that was started by ITGilde B.V. from the Netherlands. The mission of Living Open Source is to foster the growth of Open Source and Linux in African countries. The long-term ambition is to make this a global movement.

The Living Open source project was initiated as a personal project by Sander van Vugt and Santos Venter Chibenga, initiator of the local Zambian Linux community. Together with the help of enthusiastic community members, ITGilde B.V,, and the Linux Foundation, a 3 day event was organized to introduce open source and train members for the Linux Foundation’s sysadmin certification.

Linux training event – living open source Zambia 2018

A knowledge thirsty community

This event was the first of its kind in Zambia. Over the course of the event, almost 200 people participated in this event with close to 500 showing interest and support! This is a community thirsty for knowledge and skills in open source and Linux. Attending this event were experts from different fields including networking, security, sysAdmins, developers, etc. These experts represented a different institutions from government, private sector, communities, and individual.

Seeds of freedom sown

Celebrating freedom of open source
A wonderful community

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